How to Get Creative with Your Marketing Promotions

Have You Ever Considered a Wallet Bottle Opener as a Marketing Tool?


Successful Creative Marketing Promotions

As marketing promotions go, it can be a costly mistake to offer bland, predictable promotions as giveaways for trade shows, employee rewards programs and corporate gifts.

Such predictability almost always makes your business products and services look less attractive.

There are many successful creative marketing promotions that keep your business name fresh and your contacts growing and active.

The time to get creative with your marketing promotions is now.

How to Choose Creative Marketing Promotions

The number one issue when choosing marketing promotions is how the recipient of these items will view them and how often they will use them.

For example, a wallet bottle opener is always useful. It fits neatly into a wallet and comes in handy whenever there is a dinner where bottled beverages are served.

For local corporate and business sports events, a wallet sized bottle opener is a necessity for games where "bring your own bottle" is allowed.

Whenever there's an event, there is sure to be a need for handy wallet sized bottle opener!

Personalized Creative Marketing Promotions

One of the main features of successful marketing promotions are items that are personalized with added features. Using the wallet sized bottle opener as an example, choose one with a credit card sized cover.

That way, it has two uses:
- To store a bottle opener
- To store a credit card and protect it from being illegally scanned

Fun, Practical Tools for Marketing Promotions

There are countless times when an individual needs a bottle opener, a screwdriver and box opener, for example.

Choose a promotional item with at least these tools.

Fun, promotional items that are handy and easy to carry can bring a lot of value to the end user.

Useful and Practical Multi-Tools

Much like a Swiss-army knife, the Wallet Ninja provides many tools in one. 18 to be exact, and carries a US patent.

Marketing Promotions for Your Business, "Gifts" for your trade shows and events

The key to making the right choice for creative marketing promotions is to remember that these are gifts.

Make them the kind of marketing promotions you would love to receive. They should be novel, colorful and express the purpose of your business.

Coordinate Creativity with Marketing Promotions

All your marketing promotion choices should have value as giveaways and coordinate creatively with your business type and style.

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