Top 5 Wallet Multi-Tools

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Top 5 Wallet Multi-Tools

There is nothing quite like having a credit card-sized multi-tool in your wallet when it comes to being prepared for anything. If you are a frequent flyer, they are far superior to a swiss army knife type tool as they are usually TSA-compliant. Not only that, but they are far easier to carry in any case. Multi-tool cards are synonymous with convenience and can effortlessly assist you with many everyday tasks. They are designed for efficiency and will make your life easier. So, with that in mind, let’s have a look at the top five multi-tool cards.

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Lever Gear Toolcard Pro

This multi-tool card boasts a stunning array of 40 tools and is still only 1.5mm-thick. Made of 420 stainless steel, it is strong and durable as well as being lightweight. If you are stuck for a wrench, for example, this tool offers you eleven different sizes. So it will not be found wanting. It is easy to grip as the edges are smooth, allowing you to get good purchase on that nut. It has a classic finish of satin bead blast, so it looks attractive. It also comes equipped with laser-etched markings. So you don’t have to worry about the ruler score fading away. What’s more is that is can be upgraded to a money clip, if you don’t fancy taking the wallet.

Victorinox Swisscard Lite Pocket Tool

Victorinox is the company that creates the Swiss Army Knife. This brand oozes experience, over 130 in fact, and all that time, they have been creating top-quality multi-tools and pocket knives. This lite tool has thirteen tools integrated into the design, including an LED light and emergency blade. Due to this factor, though, it is not TSA-compliant, so you can’t travel on aircraft. However, it looks great and is a credit to the precision-craft of the Swiss design. It also comes equipped with a lifetime guarantee.

image of swiss army knife

Image from Pixabay

37-in-1 Multipurpose Credit Card Tool

With 37 tools, this multi-card is an excellent purchase as it has all the main tool groups catered to. For the price, it is far stronger and more durable than most of its counterparts too. Tools include a saw blade, a smartphone stand, multiple screwdriver heads, and all that in 0.06 inches of thickness.

Zootility PocketMonkey Tool

The PocketMonkey offers you 16 tools and is fully TSA compliant. It is very strong made with heat-treated stainless steel, which means that you are able to keep using it year after year as it won’t rust, break, or bend. It is also very thin and has round edges, so you won’t cut yourself or destroy your wallet by using it.


Let’s save the best til last, eh! Well, the WalletNinja is just that. With 18 tools, it is versatile, and due to it being made of heat-treated stainless steel, it is durable and strong. It also doubles up a metal business card, so you can advertise your business on it. You can choose from a wide range of colors and type fonts to make it a pretty as you like.


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