Shipping Questions

Q: Is rush delivery available?

A: Due to the complexity of manufacturing custom wallet ninjas, production generally takes 10-15 days after approval of a pre-production sample. In order to provide the highest quality custom wallet ninjas, we have several quality check points in place. If you need your custom Wallet Ninjas quickly, please email us to let us know, we’ll do our best to rush your order. help@walletninja.com

Q: How long will it take to receive my order?

A: Production lead time will vary depending on order size. Most orders can be completed in 10 days with shipping transit times to the continental US 5-7 days.

Q: Do you ship internationally?

A: Absolutely, we are experienced in shipping internationally. We ship via FedEx. Our rates are extremely reasonable. And, your order will arrive promptly within 2-3 business days after the ship date.

Product Questions

Q: How do I know the quality of my Wallet Ninja will meet my expectation?

A: We have millions of happy customers worldwide & stand behind the Wallet Ninja product with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. We’re happy to send you a physical sample of previous custom Wallet Ninjas we’ve made. The sample is free. We ask only that you pay $5 for shipping.

Q: I’ve seen fake Wallet Ninjas from other sellers, are they the same thing?

A: NO! Counterfeit Wallet Ninjas are made from inferior materials, using cheap manufacturing processes and will bend, chip, and rust when used. The lifespan of a counterfeit is short, and though it may look similar in a photo, it will not perform to our Lifetime Guarantee standard.

Separately, buying/purchasing counterfeit goods unlawful. We are the Trademark & Patent holders of Wallet Ninja. We have customs border checks set up worldwide to ensure counterfeit goods are not passing through. Fake units are destroyed at the border at the buyer’s expense. Our legal team has successfully litigated against counterfeiters worldwide to reclaim lost profits, and continues to do so aggressively.

Artwork and Design

Q: How do I send artwork for my order? What are the preferred file formats?

A: The easiest way is to upload your files through our order form at walletninja.com/custom. You can also email us at help@walletninja.com If possible, please submit your logo in one of our preferred formats. (.ai, .eps or .psd). If you don’t have the preferred format, please send us the highest quality file you have and our designers will see if it’s possible to convert your file to the proper format.

Q: I don’t have artwork, can you make my design?

A: Yes, we can offer professional graphic design artwork service for your custom Wallet Ninja. For only $99 we’ll design it for you (up to 3 revisions) & provide you a digital proof.

Q: How detailed is your printing ability?

A: We can print beautiful, real life, full-color photographs on wallet Ninjas, complex color combinations, and everything in between. There is no printing job we’ve been unable to handle.


Q: Why do people order custom Wallet Ninjas?

A:Our Clients Agree – Wallet Ninja is The Ultimate Marketing Tool. Literally. When it comes to making an impression there is no more perfect item than the Wallet Ninja. Regular business cards are boring. Is your company still giving away ancient giveaways like pens or eyeglass wipes? Give something your client will use, love and keep WITH THEM at all times. It’s your company’s info directly in their pocket at all times.

Q: Can I request a free sample?

A: Yes, feel free to contact us here: https://www.walletninja.com/custom-orders/ & include a name, ship to address & telephone number with your request. We will send you a generic sample to review for quality & show print option. We ask only that you pay $5 for shipping.

Q: Can you produce less than 100 custom Wallet Ninjas?

A: No, we must insist on a minimum order of 100 pcs. In order to provide you the best quality item at an affordable price, we must maintain this minimum.

Q: What is the difference between a Quick Design and a Fully Customized Wallet Ninja?

A: Our Quick Design Custom Wallet Ninja feature adds your logo and optional text on a pre-made black, red, or blue background Wallet Ninja on 1x side.

Our Fully Customized Wallet Ninja adds your FREE, fully customized artwork based on your logo/branding by our in-house graphic designers to 2x sides.

The Product

Q: What’s the Wallet Ninja made out of?

A: Wallet Ninjas are made from 4 times heat-treated stainless steel, it is strong enough to never bend, yet thin enough to fit in your wallet.

Q: How long will the Wallet Ninja last?

A: We have a Lifetime Guarantee on our product to never Rust, Bend or Dull

Q: What are the dimensions of the Wallet Ninja?

A: The Wallet Ninja is credit card sized & fits right in your wallet: 3.37”x 2.125”

Q: How much does each Wallet Ninja weigh?

A: The Wallet Ninja weighs 1 oz.

Q: What are the tools on the Wallet Ninja?

A: A credit card sized Multi-tool that provides:

6 HexHead Nuts & Bolts: #2,#4,#6,#8,#10 & #12

4 Screw Drivers: Phillips, Flat head, & Eye Glass Screw Drivers

8 Convenient Everyday Tools: Bottle, Can, Letter Opener, Nail Puller & Box Opener. Inch & CM Rulers, Cell Phone Stand & Peeler!