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Top 10 Personalized Corporate Gifts

The past months have not been easy – for employees and employers alike. However, as we all try to find our feet, it has never been so important to thank employees, contractors, and suppliers for their hard work during the pandemic months. Working remotely, it is easy to feel disconnected and left behind. 

However, with the right corporate gift, you can make your talents feel like part of a big family again – just make sure your gifts are appropriate, useful, and embody your corporate values. Here are a few unconventional ideas that will speak directly to the heart of your talents.   

Wallet Ninjas

When working from home for so many months, it is easy to start feeling stressed and discouraged in front of the little challenges of everyday life. 

Opening a package, fixing a loose screw, or getting a paper cut while trying to open a letter are little annoyances that can be solved or prevented in no time – with the right tools. WalletNinja 18-in-1 multi-tool gadgets are ideal for this. They are no bigger than a standard credit card, and, with a corporate custom WalletNinja, you can personalize every aspect of your chosen model. 


Whether they are for listening to music or follow Zoom calls along, we all use headphones today. Whether you are giving your employees wireless Bluetooth headphones or a standard, lower-tech model, you can be sure that they will appreciate this personalized corporate gift!

Reusable Drinkware

From reusable water bottles to travel mugs, eco-friendly drinkware is a must-have for every professional. They are handy, safer, and eco-friendly – and they offer plenty of space to print out your company logo, motto, or mission. 

Power Banks

We are all much more dependent on devices and tech gadgets than we wish to be. Whether it’s our phone, laptop, smartwatch, iPad, or eReader, we all struggle to keep all devices charged at all times. A power bank is a safe bet, and you can be sure that your employees will appreciate it. 

Notebooks, Planners, and Journals

As more employees struggled to find a new work-life balance when working from home, many resorted to planning and journaling. These strategies have been seen to improve productivity – but they have also turned simple planners into expensive, fashionable items. Giving away free smart planners with your company logo can help you keep your employees productive, motivated, and happy! 

Cocktail Sets

Life is not just about work! You can remind your employees of a personalized and branded cocktail set. Whether they are thinking about relaxing in the company of friends or spending a cocktail-making night with their partner, your gift can be fun, useful, and different from another dull pen. 

Chopping Boards

If your business operates in the restaurant or hospitality industries, there is nothing better for your employees than homeware gifts. From personalized chopping boards to branded aprons, these simple everyday items can turn into useful and stylish items to be grateful for.

Oak Phone Stand and Desk Organizer

Whether your teams are working from home or not, they will appreciate organizers that can help them keep their desks clean and tidy. While pen holders might be as useful as once were, phone holders and oak organizers are still stylish items that can remedy a messy desk. 

Backpacks and Duffle Bags

If your employees have to travel a lot for work, you can make their life easier by supplying useful travel items. For smaller gadgets, you could consider a personalized passport holder or compact mirrors. Alternatively, branded backpacks and duffle bags are always appreciated!

Sustainable Lunch Boxes

Working lunches are no longer something for the workaholics in your team. Today, most professionals prefer to have a shorter lunch break and finish work a little earlier. With a sustainably made bamboo bento or lunch box, you can encourage them to take more seriously their sustainability goals – and enjoy their lunch!

Whatever corporate gift you settle for, make sure it is in line with your company’s values. By doing so, you won’t struggle to find something that your employees will consider useful, sustainable, and enjoyable.